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Just read....very interesting point of view

Make a life


Life is just as important as making a living


Problem Solving

If you want to provide a service or goods to the society because of the lack thereof then you are ‘solving the problem’ ….

If your first thought however to provide these goods or services then you would be ‘solving your problem’.

Motives are what drive you make sure before starting a business the motives are for the benefits of society first, then concentrate on you.


Keep them on their toes

When it comes to money, and stock in companies, keep directors on their toes!

Go to the annual meetings and find out what the annual meetings mean to you. Do not just let the directors come and go and do as they feel without explanation. Ask questions and get answers!


In stock exchange the main purpose is to enable people with money to invest with selective companies.

JSE stated in 1969 and trading (buying and selling) occurs between Monday to Friday between 9:30-1:30.


While sitting at the JSE we waited for 30 mins before we were attended to.

Now although I am interested in knowing the operations of this establishment, I do not know if I appreciate that no one approached us until a representative of the class went to find out the status of the presentation.

When plans have been put in place I believe that the organization needs to make appropriate arrangements so visitors do not have a prolonged stay.