In the last couple weeks, I’ve been tested with assignments to take up positions of responsibility.

Though I do not have a problem with that it can be a challenge.

Group work and running a business is very similar. I say this because like a business, everything and everyone is dependent on the other.
Let’s use Media as an example: as Managing Director of a media company, some of my services include graphic design and photography. I offer this service to a client of mine and we sign a contract, negotiate payment…all those lovely important things.

But then as managing director, I don’t arrange with my staff where they should be going to do the photography, the date of event and what they should be designing!
There may be external problems associated with this but also, the information was not executed effectively giving my company the benefit but the communication was not clear and so the client and the company loses.

In group work it is the SAME EXACT THING (using the phrase for emphasis). It the head does not say what’s needed how the hand must know to write?
Everybody has a purpose and as bosses, managing directors or ceo’s we need to realise that we are to off load some of the responsibility to those we HIRED TO HELP!!!!


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